Moisture is a serious challenge in both new and older buildings. Saint-Gobain has the expertise and the solutions to prevent water entering from the outside and ensure that inside moisture can escape; an important consideration for a healthy interior climate as well as for the building structure.

Healthy Buildings

Dealing with Moisture

Any building must be protected in order to prevent water from entering its construction. As rainwater, snow, surface water, groundwater, soil moisture, condensation and leaking water installations can cause serious damage, Saint-Gobain has developed high-quality solutions that combat such unwanted water issues.

For instance Saint-Gobain Weber can supply products such as primers, sealants, waterproofing materials and grout that prevent water from penetrating into buildings.

A healthy indoor climate

It is equally important to ensure that moisture from inside a building, as produced by the processes of cooking, bathing, cleaning and other activities is able to escape. Preventing it from being released is liable to lead to moisture accumulating which can create an unpleasant indoor environment and even result in propagating damaging rot and mold in the structure. Such damage is often caused by improperly executed or defective insulation, leaking vapor barriers, inadequate ventilation or unsuitable materials in wet rooms. Saint-Gobain can advise you on the correct solutions and supply the most suitable, high-quality products.

Saint-Gobain has a wide range of vapor barriers and plasterboards for all types of applications, which are supplied by Saint-Gobain ISOVER, Saint-Gobain Gyproc and Saint-Gobain Weber. These solutions ensure that the structure of a building remains healthy and makes it possible for contractors to comply with all modern building regulations.