Building physics

Growing focus on energy efficiency and indoor climate has made building physics an even more central part of construction than ever. Saint-Gobain is leading the way in developing low energy solutions and setting standards for user comfort, as well as moisture and fire protection, and statics.

Modern constructions

A combination of creativity and low energy consumption.

Overcoming physical challenges

Building physics are more important than ever and Saint-Gobain has taken a lead in this area thanks to our strong drive in the fields of innovation and research. Such a focus has yielded pioneering products, which satisfy modern requirements.

Today consumers and companies demand that buildings be as energy effective and environmentally low-impact as possible, a demand that is in many cases echoed by governmental legislation.

While concerns regarding energy usage and the indoor climate form one side of building physics, it is equally important to protect against damages from moisture and to incorporate discreet, yet effective, fire protection measures. Furthermore modern buildings, though they may meet the criteria of today, need to be built in a clever and stable way based upon proper static solutions. Finding such solutions is at the core of Saint-Gobain’s operations.