Nordic Built

Saint-Gobain in the Nordic and Baltic countries is a member of the Nordic Built Charter, emphazising the Groups focus on sustainability.

Joining forces for a sustainable built environment

Nordic Built is an initiative from the Nordic Council of Ministers to accelerate the development of sustainable building concepts in the Nordic countries, and supporting the ten principles of the charter correlates well with Saint-Gobain’s vision of a Multi-Comfort Sustainable Habitat.

By signing the Charter in 2014 Saint-Gobain joined a number of businesses who all commit to focusing on the Charter’s ten principles for a sustainable future in the built environment.

The Nordic Built principles

We will create a built environment that:

  • Is made for people and promotes quality of life
  • Pushes the limits of sustainable performance, as a result of our innovative mind-set and high level of knowledge
  • Merges urban living with the qualities of nature
  • Achieves zero emissions over its lifecycle
  • Is functional, smart and aesthetically appealing, building on th ebest of the Nordic design tradition
  • Is robust, durable, flexible and timeless - built to las
  • Utilises local resources and is adapted to local conditions
  • Is prodcued and maintained through partnerships founded on transparent colloboration across borders and disciplines
  • Employs concepts that are scalable and used globally
  • Profits people, business and the environment

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