Saint-Gobain offers a range of high performance solutions to manufacturers and vendors in the marine and automotive market and other industries. These quality products are the result of years of research and development.


Saint-Gobain produces protective film products that create a better indoor climate in cars as well as in buildings.

Saint-Gobain is an important supplier to the automotive industry where it provides essential solutions for modern vehicles. Carmakers have a well-founded preference for Saint-Gobain solutions when it comes to glass in cars and the glazing of transport vehicles such as buses, lorries, and industrial vehicles.

Another important area is the protection of vehicles against the effects of the climate, sunlight, and pollution. Saint-Gobain occupies a leading position in the motor vehicle industry when it comes to the development and production of solutions for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting vehicles.

Furthermore, Saint-Gobain is a significant supplier of the protective film products used on car windows and surfaces, on windows in buildings and on sensitive solar cell modules. In cars and buildings these films also help to create a better interior environment.

Companies such as Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Solar Gard provide these solutions.


People are living, vacationing and working at sea. As a world leader in the habitat and construction industry Saint-Gobain also supplies building materials for the construction of ships, offshore installations, windmills, farming and other maritime industries through individual products and integrated solutions.

These solutions include products such as insulation, glass for fire protection and solar/temperature control, wooden panels, products for indoor floors and walls, steel pipes and pipe components as well as industrial valves, control mechanisms and Overå gasket systems.

Saint-Gobain is often chosen as a supplier of marine technology because we make a difference within energy efficiency, weight saving, safety and comfort. As a minimum all products and services meet all applicable environmental requirements and have different classifications within IMO / MED.

The solutions and technology is provided by the companies in Saint-Gobain Marine Applications, which includes Saint-Gobain companies as Isover, Optimera, Weber,  Dahl, Vetrotech and Glassolutions.

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