As the world leader in solutions for the habitat, Saint-Gobain combines innovation, expertise and an immense range of products to deliver comprehensive solutions that fulfil the needs of almost every construction building project. In addition, Saint-Gobain specialises in industrial products e.g. for marine, automotive and infrastructure.

innovative solutions

The need for innovative solutions in the construction and renovation of buildings is greater than ever. Saint-Gobain has a comprehensive range of solutions that make buildings more comfortable to live, learn and work in and more efficient in terms of their energy consumption.

In Saint Gobain, we constantly focus on reducing the environment and climate impact of our products through their entire life cycle. Therefore, we have undertaken significant sustainability goals and as an example implement LCAs and have third party verified EPDs on many of our products. Read more about Saint-Gobain sustainability here

Saint-Gobain also offers advice and support to ensure that our clients obtain the best overall solutions when combining Saint-Gobain products and services. This ensures – among other benefits – a better total economy of any building project, because we help our customers achieve less product waste, better logistics, easy procedures when installing the products on the site, high durability, etc.    

Habitat accounts for more than 70% of the Saint-Gobain business. However, Saint-Gobain is also very active in industrial markets. The Group offers its expertise in the areas of innovation and co-development through a wide range of high-performance materials for demanding applications in segments such as marine, automotive, aeronautical, health, defense, and security.