Indoor comfort in residential buildings

No matter if you live in single family house or a multifamily building the indoor comfort has a great impact on your wellbeing.


If you live in a city you might get disturbed by the traffic noise, especially by low frequent sound. And if you live in a multifamily building you are probably disturbed by your neighbors from time to time from footsteps, voices, TV or stereo loudspeakers. But there are solutions to make a building quieter and pleasant. By good sound insulation in facades, windows, interior walls and flooring you can create a pleasant indoor environment. In houses with high ceilings, hard materials on walls and floor, disturbing echo occurs. This can be fixed by installing sound absorbing ceilings. Read more about comfort solutions.

Air and temperature

Constant supply of fresh air, free from pollutants and odor makes us more productive, happy and healthy. Good indoor air quality is created by using non emitting building materials and good ventilation.  A stable and pleasant temperature is achieved by using efficient thermal insulation in facades, windows, roofs and floors. 


Good lighting and especially natural daylight has a positive impact on our wellbeing and productivity. Light is also important to clearly see, read and be able to carry out working tasks. By using glass in window with good thermal and sound insulation you can use bigger windows and get more natural lighting without compromising with the thermal and acoustic comfort. This also makes the building more energy efficient and sustainable. 


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