AereNmore is a concept developed in Denmark by Saint-Gobain for classrooms and is based on a business model combining good air quality, good sound absorption and lighting in one solution.


Saint-Gobain takes care of the design, function and sub-contracts the installation. With AereNmore you distribute the air across the full ceiling surface (diffused ventilation) resulting in an even distribution of fresh air and temperature without any draft or noise. The acoustic ceiling (Gyproc or Ecophon) means a very good sound environment combined with pleasant temperature and quite ventilation. AereNmore has been launched in 2017 in Denmark for class rooms.

Acoustic Comfort: Sound absorbing ceilings that lower the sound level and increase speech clarity of the classroom.

Air quality: Diffused ventilation means an even distribution of fresh air into the room to ensure that the level of carbon dioxide is not getting too high in the room, which otherwise will make people tired and affect the ability to concentrate during learning.

Thermal Comfort: Diffused ventilation means pleasant and even temperature in the room, without any disturbing draft, which is normally the case with traditional ventilation.




Visual Comfort: The ceiling has integrated lighting that ensures a proper amount of light for the teachers and students needed for different working tasks and for the wellbeing. The white and matt color of the ceiling surface reflects and diffuses the natural light evenly into the room.

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