Celebrating a year of sustainability in action

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 06:15
This week is World Green Building Week organized by the World Green Building Council. It is a great opportunity for us at Saint-Gobain Nordic & Baltic to celebrate and reiterate our commitment to sustainable construction.

At Saint-Gobain Nordic and Baltic, we are a knowledge partner and solution provider for building green. We believe that together, we can build a more sustainable future! This year, we have been more than ever committed to show leadership in Sustainability, and we have taken new steps in our Sustainability Journey.

We have taken several actions to reduce the environmental impact from our operations. For example, our Nordic Businesses switched to green electricity from January 2018. We have also been investing into more sustainable factories. For instance our LECA plant in Denmark is building a facility that will enable us replacing fossil fuels by biomass, which should lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 50%. Circular Economy was also in the spotlight with projects to use more recycled content such as in our gypsum factory in Kalundborg.

We have a strong focus on developing more sustainable solutions for our customers. This is why we have developed a robust and innovative tool to assess the sustainability performance of our construction products: SCORE. This brand new methodology evaluates the lifecycle performance of a product over 5 categories - Energy & Climate, Health, Circularity, Water and Local Value Creation. The Nordic region, starting with Sweden, has been the first Saint-Gobain region to test and deploy the methodology. We see it as a powerful tool to share the sustainability knowledge within our organization and foster Eco-Innovation and we will start using it as a key instrument in the coming months.

We have also developed documents and services to support the growth of sustainable construction. We have published several new EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) including a full system EPD for our Silent Wall.  In Sweden, our new Saint-Gobain Green Building Website hallbartbyggande.se is now enabling its users to find the information needed to apply for the green building labels such as LEED or BREEAM SE. For other countries, the international version of the website is from this week available here and our Finnish website should be live next year.

Finally, because the transformation of the built environment is also about people’s evolution, we have been focusing on education, culture and collaboration internally in the Group. Several of our Sustainability experts have passed exams to become recognized assessors in green building labels such as DGNB or LEED. We have deployed our Sustainability Hero App to help our teams increase their knowledge around sustainability thanks to playful contents, quizzes and engaging videos. We have also participated in the Big Little Moves Campaign which on boarded more than 14 000 Saint-Gobain employees worldwide focusing on the small, but important, changes we can all contribute with in our daily lives.

Lastly, we have continued and strengthen our collaboration with the Green Building Councils. Our Finnish colleagues have for example joined the board the FiGBC and are participating in the piloting of Level(s) European project in the Country.

All in all, it’s been an eventful year, and one we look forward to building upon, focusing on sustainability in all that we do.

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